- PJUUR® strives for essential quality and balance. - 

- Our solutions reduce the presence of architectural but valuable features by harmonizing them with the environment. - 

- They combine function and ease of use with (visual) comfort. -


PJUUR® strives for an optimal balance between new and recycled raw materials. During the production process, we consider the environmental impact of each component, material, process and treatment method. Our process is constantly monitored, evaluated and optimized during the development, production chain and logistics processes. We have a network of local suppliers and whenever possible we strive to produce locally.


PJUUR® is committed to using only primary or recycled materials that meet the criteria of the existing recycling channels. Even in cases where the most inventive solutions cannot create an optimal situation, PJUUR® chooses to use only materials that can be easily broken down and recycled.


Since our gypsum composite consists mainly of natural calcium sulfate dihydrate, our products can be processed and reused in the chain of existing recycling plants to be reintroduced into material streams for the production of drywall, gypsum products and/or other building materials. 100% cradle-to-cradle!



As part of our commitment to protect the planet and its resources for future generations, PJUUR® pledges to donate at least 2% of its annual net income to a local environmental protection organization..